Stock Image Pack Vol. 2 - Buildings & Cityscapes

Stock Image Pack Vol. 2 - Buildings & Cityscapes

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Place your subjects right in the middle of some of the most exciting cities in the world! Engage your audience by transporting them to Paris, Chicago, Russia, the midwest, and more with the new Stock Image Pack - Volume 2 from This collection includes over 250 images of a variety of settings that will help enhance any project you have. Now you don't have to travel the world to get the perfect background shot. Simply drag and drop these images onto your digital canvas or video timeline and you are on your way to creating amazing images in no time.

global Variety high def Hi Resolution royalty freeRoyalty Free

Select from a wide variety of settings to suit your project needs. Themes include high rise cityscapes, national monuments, castles, old west cabins, and more.

Enjoy high resolution images in JPG format that can be easily sized down, and are compatible with most editing software and operating systems.

TubeTape's Stock Image Packs can be used in commercial and non-commercial productions without any restrictions if used as part of a composition.

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